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Isn't this just perfect? A mummy and daddy LED flanked by two adorable kiddy leds. Turn them on and marvel at the modern nuclear family as they work in harmony to create a pageant of lighty goodness. And pay no attention to the libellous smear campaign their jealous neighbours the 'VonTrapps' have instigated.


FRONT : 21.6 lumens
REAR : 3.2 lumens
DIMENSIONS : 45 x 58 x 41 mm
WEIGHT : 58g
MATERIALS : Industrial Silicone Body


FRONT LIGHT : 12 hrs (flashing), 40 hrs (steady).
REAR LIGHT : 50 hrs (flashing), 150 hrs (steady).
LEDs : 4x Super-bright Hi Powered directional LEDs
ATTACHMENT : integrated clipping feature & quick-release mounting.

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