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Pumping out a colossal 200 lumens of light from X2 of the latest high-powered CREE LEDs, Blinder Road Front is the first Blinder of its kind to give riders 100% freedom and visibility on the roads at night. Keeping you well-lit from behind, Blind Road Rear shoots out 70 lumens of light from X1 CREE LED and X3 high-powered LED strobes, giving you visibility of up to 800m.

Baltimore, Boston or BC, it doesn't matter how sinister the wet weather, Blinder Road is 100% waterproof, snow proof, mud proof and sludge proof. With an anodised aluminium cover that's been ultrasonically welded and factory tested, Blinder Road will never conk out half-way through your ride and leave you vulnerable to motorists.

Laptop, desktop, iPhone, Sony or a Samsung – it doesn't matter what hardware you're using, Blinder Road is rechargeable from any USB device. To make life simple, a USB extension cord comes included in the package.

Race bars, fat bars, even little old lady bars – with its flexible silicon strap, stainless steel clip and tool-less camber-attachment, Blinder Road is guaranteed to fit a wide range of bars. When you're ready to go off-road and rogue, simply remove the strap and mount it to your helmet

Blinder Road's USB rechargeable lithium ion battery will see you through approx 1,800 charge cycles during the light's lifetime. That's about the same as 600 AAA Alkaline batteries. All this means more reliability and money in your pocket.

If you do happen to be running low on juice, Blinder Road's battery warning indicator will turn red when low and during charge, and green once it's fully charged.

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