Stolen Lights

October 21st 2011

Stolen Lights

Hey Ho Jus Remembered... As I was leavin my apartment with the crew today for the other locations I saw this wonderful 2-pronged note that I just had to flash off and thought you may also be interested in. This guy GETS REALLY GODFORSAKEN ANGRY cos some mothafucka stole his bike light off his bike in our Hof and blames us all (the residents), even though he hates to, for being thieves and that he curses us and that the person who stole it should die a gruesome death (it's almost in the league of the death threats I received - it's totally up my alley that's why I photo'd it). He says it was only 1-day old and it was a swish one. I wonder if it was a KNOG ? !!!!!

Hey I dunno if this is good PR for your blog or KNOG in general but maybe you can send me one of your motherfucka new fangdangles and I give it to this bloke. I gotta find out where he lives but I can leave a note in his bike basket (which is where he wants the light returned if the mongrel who stole it can read or even lives in our building) and I could even take a happychap pic for you with it on his treadly if you like and then you can publish his arse off? Actually it could even be a girl who knows with that weird name!

Anyhow a thought - I'm happy to do it for you and him/her (despite my busy beeness :) - oh aren't I just a fuckin willy wanka)

KNOG Schlampe comment: We'll be re-kitting this him/her. one small contribution to global peace at a time!!

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