ALL KNOG products are warranteed to be free from any defect in materials and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase identified on the sales receipt. Our warranty applies when our product is used for the purpose intended (on correct sized bars and seat posts for example), under normal conditions, and does not apply to damage caused by typical wear and tear, accidents, acids, water, misuse or neglect. This warranty applies in addition to your statutory rights in relation to your country.

All returns will be subject to inspection and approval KNOG or our distributor in your country before any repair or replacement is authorised. Defects discovered after the 2 year period can usually be repaired (depending on parts availability), but will be subject to charge.

If you have a warranty claim to make then the correct procedure is to go through your place of purchase as they will be able to warranty any faulty product that you may have.

Before sending through an email please check that you have replaced the batteries within your light/computer and cleaned away any corrosion on the battery terminals as this resolves most faulty light problems. Also note that if you have an issue with your Knog lock then please try lubricating the keys and barrel and cleaning away any debry. This usually resolves most functionality issues.

If all else fails then drop us a line at peeps@knog.com.au with the below info. Please note that all this information is required for us to process your warranty claim.

1. Photo of your Knog product (Front-on view).

2. Photo of damaged area.

3. If a light, is it front or rear? If a lock or computer, then what model?

4. What the problem is and how it occured.

5. How long have you had the product for?

6. If a light then what is the Batch Code? 

7. Proof of purchase (required)

8. Your Address