Boomer USB Light
RRP $39.95 US each
Boomer USB Light Black


Did you know that USB actually stands for “U Son (of a) Bitch”? The term was developed by a foul-mouthed, regular-battery-using, botanist from Bucharest when he learned you could recharge your super-powerful Boomer USB off any one of the world’s billions of power ports.



  • DIMENSIONS: 62 x 33 x 30 mm
  • WEIGHT: 42g
  • MATERIALS: Industrial Silicone Body
  • USB: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion polymer
  • FRONT: 25 lumens (LED rating)
  • REAR: 5 lumens (LED rating)


  • Front Light: 3hrs (steady), up to 12hrs (flashing)
  • Rear Light: 3.5hrs (steady), up to 23hrs (flashing)
  • Super-bright HIGH powered LED
  • MODES  1. Constant 2. Strobe flash 3. Fast flash 4. Random strobe
  • Water-Proof
  • flexible silicone body
  • Superslim
  • Integrated lens and housing
  • integrated clipping feature
  • quick-release mounting
  • Visible up to 600 metres
  • Low battery warning indicator.
  • hold button down to 'off' in any mode
  • Available in 6 colours
  • Smart battery saving storage mode



The battery discharge feature has been integrated into the electronics to optimize battery longevity. This feature should be activated when the light will not be used for an extended period. (i.e. more than a month) To activate mode simply hold down power button for 5 seconds after a full charge cycle. The LED will be active until the battery reaches the correct discharge level to which the LED will turn off and the unit will be safe for storage.

- If unit is stored for more than 3 months, repeat battery discharge feature

- Recharge battery to full before use after storage mode.



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