Party Coil
$24.95 US
Party Coil Lime


Whether it's wrapped around your bike frame, the heftiest lamp pole, or slung around your wrist on the dance floor, Party Coil's 1.3m long body, 100m coiled diameter, and 300g weight, make it compact enough to to fit in your pocket and the perfect wing man (or woman) for group cycling dates. 



  • 1.3 metre length (extended)
  • 330g
  • 100mm Coiled Diameter, 10mm Cable Outer Diameter
  • Silicone overmoulded lock housing integrated to a PVC coated, braided steel cable with fibre core


  • Security Rating: 30/100
  • Coiled Cable: Cable coiled to a diameter of 100mm which provides a longer cable length in a convenient and compact size.
  • Lock Housing: Die cast zinc alloy with industrial grade silicone overmoulded exterior *No leverage points to ensure extra security against unwanted attacks
  • Lock Barrel: Blade style lock barrel, with 1000 unique combinations. Materials: Die Cast Zinc Alloy, nickel plated
  • Lock Cable: Braided loose bound steel cable with fibre core. Colour matched, PVC outer. 8mm stainless steel locking shackle permanently fastened to cable end.
  • Cable Diameter: Cable Diameter 10mm, Steel Cable Diameter 5mm
  • Cutting Resistance: The TECHNOLOGY used on the FIBRE CORE CABLES makes the Knog Party Coil tough. Offering superior resilience and flexibility compared with locks using standard braided steel cable cores. The unique combination of materials crush before cutting, making bolt cutter attacks more frustrating for smash-and-grab thieves.
  • 3 Overmoulded Keys: 3 colour-coded overmoulded 2mm keys with wrist coi
  • Colour Range: Black, Indigo, Grape, Rose, Red, Lime, Turquoise, and White.
  • Testing: We subject our locks range to a vast array of environmental tests to ensure they are fit for purpose for everyday use. These procedures are undertaken during research and development through to prototype and manufacture. These include: Drop Tests, Impact Tests, Corrosion Testing, Vibration Testing, Extreme Temperature Testing, Cycle Testing and Tensile Testing.


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