Straight Jacket
$32.95 US
Straight Jacket Pink/Black


The Straight Jacket could take a man out with just one punch.  But she never did like to talk about it all that much. I suppose it's because she's a bike lock


  • DIMENSIONS: 800mm
  • WEIGHT: Skinny 850g, Fatty 1.4kg
  • MATERIALS: Hardened Steel Chain and tough Nylon chain and padlock covers



  • Security Rating: Skinny: 60/100. Fatty: 70/100
  • Body: High strength, hardened steel
  • Hardened Chain: Heat-treated specifically to create a balance between hardness (cutting resistance) and toughness (for tensile and impact resistance).
  • Chain Cover: hard wearing, vibrant and robust nylon cover protects your bike from scratches.
  • Padlock: Hardened strong steel shackle padlock with brass body
  • Padlock Cover: Tough nylon cover to protect padlock and shroud shackle, preventing access with bolt cutters
  • Lock Barrel: Blade style lock barrel, with 1000 unique key combinations
  • Finish: Colourful, tough nylon cover with 3 unique colour options that protects your bike from any unwanted damage
  • Testing: We subject our locks range to a vast array of environmental tests to ensure they are fit for purpose for everyday use. These procedures are undertaken during research and development through to prototype and manufacture. These include: Drop Tests, Impact Tests, Corrosion Testing, Vibration Testing, Extreme Temperature Testing, Cycle Testing.



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