$59.95 US
Whiplock Whiplock


Not only are our Whiplocks really good at securing your bike, but they’ve also been tested by Cowboy-Entertainers to effectively whip cigarettes out of the mouths of breakfast talk show hosts. Good for ratings and good for you!


  • DIMENSIONS: 1.2m
  • WEIGHT: 500g
  • MATERIALS: Silicone overmoulded braided steel cable. Stainless steel lock body.



  • 1.2m braided loose bound steel cable with fibre core (making cable more secure in the event of bolt cutter attack).
  • Cable fully overmoulded with medical grade, UV resistant silcone that wont mark or scratch your ride
  • Marine grade stainless steel body - resists rust and extreme temperatures - ie. liquid nitrogen attack.
  • 8mm steel lock shackle, crimped to cable ends. One end permentely fastened to lock body.
  • 1000 combination blade style lock cylinder
  • 3 Overmoulded keys included
  • No leverage points
  • Cable Diameter 10mm, Steel Cable diameter 6mm


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