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International Design Awards

Knog product awards


You know those mad dreams where you're standing on a suburban roof and then suddenly, you've leapt off and the panic sets in and instead of falling, you're flying effortlessly and checking out secret and beautiful things you've always wanted to see but never been privy to?


Well replicating that feeling day-to-day is what drives us to succeed and winning 40+ international design awards (in particular the Australian design award) is also up there. Here's just a handful of the honours Knog has achieved:

  • 2005 ISPO BrandNew Award
  • 2005 Australian Design Mark for the "Bello Backpack" Sport and Leisure. 
  • 2005 Australian Design Award for the "Frog Light" Consumer Products. 
  • 2007 Australian Design Award of the Year for the "Gator Light".
  • 2008 Premier's Design Award Winner for the "Dog Bag" range.
  • 2009 European iF Award Gold Winner for "Beetle" (2x LED bicycle light).
  • 2009 European iF Award finalist for "NERD" multi-function bike computer. 
  • 2005 -2009 European iF Eurobike Award Category Winner for consecutive years for our NERD, Dog Bags, Beetle, Frog and Gator. 
  • 2009 Australian Design Mark for “Beetle” and “NERD”. 
  • 2008/2009 Governor' of Victoria's Export Awards Finalist 
  • 2010 European iF Award for “Knog Sausage Lock” and “Boomer USB”. 
  • 2012 IDSA USA Awards Bronze award for for the "Blinder". 
  • 2013 Australian Design Award for the "Binder Road 2" Sport and Leisure.
  • 2016 Australian Design Award for the "Oi bike bell" Sport and Leisure.
  • 2016 Eurobike Award Winner Category winner for the "Oi bike bell" in Accessories.