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Toms Alsbergs is Knog Folk

9 October 2014 11:59:31 am AEDT

toms alsbergs knog folk

Name : Toms Alsbergs
Location : Riga, Latvia.
Connect with Toms on Instagram & Twitter

Cycling is my lifestyle. One summer, around 4 years ago my friends and I made our first fixed gear bikes and started joy-riding the town. Back then, it was all new, there were only a few fixie riders in Riga… and then Red Bull brought the Mini Drome to Estonia…We decided to go and check it out, but got no further than super fun road trip... For me it worked as a kick in the ass, i understood that i can do it, just have to work for it a bit. Then came Poland, 1st place, Glasgow 1st place and the record and so on... So far i have participated in twelve events and gained nine victories.

It’s always fun to try out something different apart from minidromes, like Rad Race in Berlin or Hill Chasers in Edinburgh and of course the Red Hook Criterium races, plus the local velo events organized by Tru Fix Kru.

Tru Fix Kru is my team, my crew and my second family ( We founded it in 2011 when we (my fellow crew members and friends - Ingemars and Arturs) started riding, we soon discovered a strange urge to make everyone know that it’s us out in the streets, so we decided that we need a name and some recognition mark for our crew. The rest happened in a snap. Arturs came up with a catchy word combination TRU FIX KRU, a friend of ours - tatoo artist Janis drew us a logo, we made our first stickers and spent our summer nights riding and tagging the city :) 

Now it has developed into a prosperous business and velo union that encourages young people to get on their bikes (any bike, not only fixies), take part in this culture and enjoy it.

Photo credit - Arturs Pavlovs (

 Red_Bull_Tru_Fix_2013_Rīga_Photo_Artūrs Pavlovs

Red Bull Mini Drome Edinburgh

Toms_knog (2 of 11)


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Levi Klara is Knog Folk

9 January 2015 9:56:00 am AEDT

levi klara knog folk 

Name : Levente Klára (Cycle me home)
Location : Budapest, Hungary / Madrid, Spain
Connect with Levi/Cycle Me Home on Instagram Facebook

Originally I’m a film editor, that’s how I ended up in Madrid as an exchange student. After finishing my studies there, I decided to ride back to Budapest on my bike. A few friends of my film school joined me and we made a movie about the adventure, this is how Cycle me home was born. Since the first trip, we kept on pedaling: I make my living as a bike messenger and I try to ride somewhere new every once in a while. Sometimes I just go on a solo ride to surprise my girlfriend 250 kms away, sometimes we pack our stuff in our messenger bags and disappear for a few weeks, sometimes we get a car and film everything – one thing is sure: we seek the unknown. We don’t plan so we always find something unexpected. In the past 3 years I met some really cool people on the roads and managed to make friends from all over the world, Stockholm to Madrid, New York to Singapore. This is all thanks to the fact that riders really do unite. That’s what I want to encourage with the CMH project and show the young people that there is world out there and life is not necessarily only about studies, jobs and bills.

I’m really glad to see cycling has it’s renessaince nowadays but a lot of people forget that apart from shining bike parts, pro team kits and Strava segments,  competitive cycling was born to show who is the most badass.  Who can fight hills, hot, cold, rain and who has the biggest heart and willpower. For me this is cycling, a presonal challange everytime I ride, let it be a winter ride through Denmark or a rush job through the city. But I never forget to enjoy the moment and stop for a second and thank whoever I have to thank for the sun, the wind and the smell of nature. At the end, this is all we have.





Photo credit: Máté Pálla and Caro Paulette.

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Knog at CES 2015

12 January 2015 11:58:20 am AEDT

knog video lights at ces tradeshow 3
knog video lights at ces tradeshow 4
knog video lights at ces tradeshow 5
knog video lights at ces tradeshow 1
knog video lights at ces tradeshow 7
knog video lights at ces tradeshow 6
knog video lights at ces tradeshow 2

We had an amazing time at CES in Las Vegas. Appearing at CES for the first time Knog were there to unveil the latest range of video lights - the [qudos] action light for GoPro, action cameras and DSLR's and the [expose] smart light for iPhone. Check out some of these gnarly photos from the Knog crew.
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Melbourne Cycle Messenger World Championships

6 February 2015 6:08:39 pm AEDT

CMWC Melbourne 2015

The Cycle Messenger World Championships are coming to town and we wanna see you there! Taking over Melbourne from 2-6 April the CMWC's is one of the epic cycling events of the year.  Knog are also sponsoring so it's guaranteed to be gnarly ride. Head on over to the site for further deets >

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Ride The Night

9 February 2015 5:27:30 pm AEDT

Knog_RTN_small_selection 2
Knog_RTN_small_selection 3
Knog_RTN_small_selection 4
Knog_RTN_small_selection 6
Knog_RTN_small_selection 7
Knog_RTN_small_selection 9
Knog_RTN_small_selection 11
Knog_RTN_small_selection 10
Knog_RTN_small_selection 13
Knog_RTN_small_selection 14
Knog_RTN_small_selection 15
Knog_RTN_small_selection 17
Knog_RTN_small_selection 18
Knog_RTN_small_selection 19
Knog_RTN_small_selection 22
Knog_RTN_small_selection 23
Knog_RTN_small_selection 25
Knog_RTN_small_selection 26

Ride The Night - 3000 riders, 2000 Frog Strobes and a million glow sticks. January 31st was the date for Melbourne's first Ride The Night event, the largest mass participation night ride in Melbourne....ever. From midnight to 7am riders weaved their way past iconic Melbourne landmarks and through slippery laneways as they cruised along 70k's of Melbournes finest. Knog was a proud sponsor of the ride and handed out over 2000 Frog Strobes to hardcore riders and hosted the infamous Boothalicious photobooth  making the Knog marquee the most popular place to "Be Seen" at Ride The Night. 

An absolutely awesome event, be sure to check out some of the great pics above.

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