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Modemaker app

PWR light range


The ModeMaker app allows you to design the modes for any PWR bike light. Simply plug in your light, then select and tailor modes from the menu. You can do things such as control brightness, adjust runtimes and add new light modes.

Change your light modes

The ModeMaker can:

a) Remove or add modes, up to 8.
b) Select from a library of Knog-designed flash patterns
c) Select brightness of constant modes.




As we are in beta, we are still ironing out a few creases:

- Depending on the modes, uploading 3 to 8 modes may cause the application to freeze. High, Medium and Low modes are some of the exceptions and aren’t counted.

When modifying frequencies of 2 or more of the same type of mode using the sliders, there is a chance that it may not upload properly and the light head will display the same frequency for each mode. For example uploading two "Pulse med" - one with the highest and the other with the lowest frequency - onto a light, may end up presenting both modes as the same.

For some small screens, eg 11", the app's window may be too large. We are working on a fix, but in the short term, temporarily changing your screen resolution settings will help you access full Modemaker functionality.


Can I use the app before owning a light?
Unfortunately not. You can download it, as you have, and view the demo video to see how it works. But you will need to register the product by plugging it in, in order to save mode configurations.

How many modes can I load to the light?
Up to 8. But of course, you can reduce the number to 1 if you like.

Why doesn’t the Modemaker tell me how many minutes runtime I have in each mode?
Because the modular lightheads can use different sized batteries, the runtimes will be variable. Also, we don’t want to mislead you (like a car’s “miles left in the tank” can). You can find a runtime table at which gives approximate runtimes.

How can I let you know if there’s a problem with the Beta app?
Please email - your feedback is crucial for us to get the final app perfect.