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Not just another bike light

PWR is an ecosystem of bike and outdoor products designed to share their battery. But, that battery also works as a power bank to charge your devices.

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Choose the simple “charger” bike lights which have an integrated power bank, or upgrade to the “modular” system which has interchangeable PWR Lightheads and PWR Banks.
These batteries will power all the modular products, including the upcoming outdoor range.


  • Light with integrated power bank
  • Top up charge your devices
  • Bar mounting with silicone strap
  • Helmet mounting accessory available


  • Interchangeable lightheads
  • Battery works as power bank
  • High power for off-road
  • Multiple mounting solutions
  • Elliptical beam Elliptical
  • Programmable modes Programmable
  • Machined Machined
  • Battery indicator Battery
  • Water resistant Water
  • USB Rechargeable USB
  • Charges your devices Charges
  • Twist operation (modular only) Twist operation
    (modular only)

PWR bank included

All PWR bike lights have a battery that can charge your devices. We call it the PWR Bank, of course.

PWR Powerbank

The PWR Banks have enough charge to get you home using your lighthead, and still have enough juice for anything from an emergency top up charge for your mobile (PWR COMMUTER) to generously fully charging your mobile twice (PWR MOUNTAIN).

Charge capacity after 1hr riding

*iPhone 7 used for constant

  1. PWR Commuter
    1 hour riding
    @ 250 lumens

    Top up charge
    phone to %10
  2. PWR Rider
    1 hour riding
    @ 450 lumens

    Top up charge
    phone to %35
  3. PWR Road
    1 hour riding
    @ 600 lumens

    Top up charge
    phone to %50
  4. PWR Trail
    1 hour riding
    @ 1000 lumens

    Top up charge
    phone to %75
  5. PWR Mountain
    1 hour riding
    @ 1800 lumens

    Almost fully charge
    phone 2x

The Mounts

Helmet or handlebar, extension or not, we've got you covered.

Some bonus features

Here is a summary of a few little bonus features of the modular lights to whet the appetite.

Touch sensitive battery indicator 4 red LEDs show remaining charge. When down to the last 3%, the last LED will flash. Simply touch the base to see red.
Brushed aluminium CNC-Machined brushed
aluminium finish provides the
right amount of grip.
Twist mode Turn the light anti-clockwise to operate. Turn and release to change modes. Turn and hold for on/off.

Extra bright time or extra long time?

Choosing your “Charger”

The two “Charger” lights come with 5 pre-programmed modes, just in case you haven’t yet discovered the ModeMaker app. See below for more on how you can tailor your flash and constant modes.
The optimum steady mode for the PWR Commuter is the aptly named “Commute” mode. It runs for 2 hours at 200 lumens, but there is always the option to crank it up to the 450-lumen “Ride” mode. The PWR Rider will last 2 hours at 450 lumens, and for those with stamina, will run at 200 lumens for 5 hours.

PWR Commuter/Rider

PWR Commuter

450 lumens / 850mAh

“Commute Mode”
(200 Lumens) 2hrs

“Ride Mode”
(450 Lumens) 40mins

PWR Rider

450 lumens / 2200mAh

“Ride Mode”
(450 Lumens) 2hrs

“Commute Mode”
(200 Lumens) 5hrs

Optics: Brighter thinking

When Knog designs each light, optics come first. Always have. The secret is understanding what each rider needs, and then giving them the beam pattern to do that and more.

PWR Commuter

PWR Commuter /PWR Rider

450 lumens. Elliptical beam for wide view works with spot beam for intense light in front of front wheel.

See in action
PWR Road

PWR Road

600 lumens. Elliptical beam for wide view works with spot beam for intense light in front of front wheel.

See in action
PWR Trail

PWR Trail

1000 lumens. Elliptical beam for wide view works with spot beam for intense light in front of front wheel. Additional 9 LEDs round ring of light create eye-catching glow, especially effective to 'be seen'.

See in action
PWR Mountain

PWR Mountain (Coming Soon)

1850 lumens. Circular beam for flood lighting obstacles from unpredictable angles.

See in action

The ModeMaker app

Both “charger” lights and modular lightheads can be programmed. This isn’t just for fun (although some of the flash patterns are pretty amusing) – it’s to let you control brightness and importantly, their runtimes.

The ModeMaker can:
a) Remove or add modes, up to 8
b) Select from a library of Knog-designed flash patterns
c) Select brightness of constant modes


Know what time it is

The runtimes shown here are true for all three modular lightheads.
For example, if you pre-program a constant mode to 500 lumens, all three lightheads will run for 2.5 hours on the small battery.
The runtimes shown are a guide only. Variables which affect runtime of any battery include temperature and frequency of use.

PWR Bank

Rollover points to see lumens to hours result.


Is the battery compatible across the entire range?

The bike light range of 5 pre-packaged lights consists of 2 “charger” lights, and 3 “modular” lights. It is these modular lights that have the independent battery, or “PWR Bank” that can be used with the other two modular bike lights, plus the PWR outdoor range.

You mentioned the Outdoor range. What are those products?

Soon we will be releasing the PWR Lantern, PWR Headtorch and PWR Sound - a Bluetooth speaker that can also be mounted to your bike frame. Whilst design is in its final phases, we can tell you that they will all use the PWR Bank from the modular range of bike lights. So you can save space, weight and wallet in the process.

The Configurator tool says I can't mount a small or medium lighthead straight onto the large battery without the extension mount. Why is that?

The large battery is oriented 90° to the smaller batteries. As the smaller lightheads have elliptical beams, they would end up being very narrow, very “tall” beams. Still usable, but not recommended.

Why do we have a quick release in addition to the slide function on the side mount?

The slide on and off mounting system is for quick release convenience when taking off with the intent to put back on for your next ride. It's also to allow the light to be far more versatile in terms of the modular system. But if you're next ride was going to be PWR-free, we do not want you riding with just the mount exposed on your bar. It could be a safety hazard. So the quick release here.