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7x7.COM - stylish bike gifts

"Knog Blinder USB Lights: Gone are the days of battery-powered lights. When it comes to stylish bike lights, Knog is king.And this year they launched a whole line of USB ones? ->

Cyclocross - blinder 4v or serfas thunderbolt?

"The Knog Blinder 4V rear tail light offers a bit more light than the Serfas Thunderbolt at 44 lumens, with a more focused pattern coming from four large LEDs. The Blinder 4V has a lot going for it...our favorite feature is the built-in USB charging port that plugs directly into your laptop or charging cable - no little adapter or proprietary cable to find to charge the light...." ->

Blinder bike lights reviewed

Ridingagainstthegrain gets hold of a bunch of Blinder bike lights and gives them a run for their money. ->

Get addicted to reviews the blinder 4v bike light

Get addicted to check out and review the Blinder 4V bike light. ->

Vanity fair - knog cycle lights

Knog Blinder 4V lights make it in to Vanity Fair's - Design and Technology Gift Guide. Nice one! ->