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Bike radar 'first look' at blinder arc lights

Bike Radar take a 'first look' at the new Blinder Arc 1.7 and 5.5 lights -->

Blue lug check out the arc 1.7

Lets just put it out there, we love what the guys at @bluelug do! They shoot fantastic product photos and write really useful reviews. Have a look at what these guys did for the the new Blinder Arc 1.7 -->

Wiggle review the 'amazing' blinder road lights

Great Blinder Road review from Jon Cannings @Wiggle - "The rear Blinder, works AMAZING. I've had a driver ask me "what light is that? it's very bright mate". Enough said! 3 Super Bright LED's and 1 even brighter LED." - Check out the full review here ->

Cyclocross review the blinder road 2 light

"Have we found the ultimate light for cyclocrossers?" - Cycloross Magazine check out and review the Blinder Road 2 light. Catch the full review just here -> !

The subjective cyclist scores the blinder road r 4.5/5

Great write-up on the Blinder Road R light from the Subjective Cyclist. Overall score of 4.5/5. Check out the full review here ->